What are Fertility Forms?

You’ve been referred a couple who are pursuing egg donation with her sister? No problem.

What about a single intended father, whose sister is going to be a gestational carrier and his best friend from college will be the egg donor? Yep, we’ve got that form, too.

Two intended fathers with an agency gestational carrier and an unidentified egg donor? Our questionnaire will give you all the information you’ll need to guide this interview. 

Fertility Forms were developed after decades of work with people creating families in multiple ways.  We found that having information about the donor or surrogacy candidates and intended parents prior to meeting them informed our interview, alerted us to specific areas on which to focus, and streamlined the report writing.

These questionnaires are the culmination of years of refining the interview process and addressing key issues in third party reproduction. In addition to giving you demographic information about your clients, you will get a heads up about their feelings about information sharing, pregnancy termination, as well as whether couples are on the same page about their family building plans.

New to reproductive psychology? These LGBTQI friendly forms are crucial tools for the seasoned professional as well as those just getting started. These forms will help you address key topics that are covered in reproductive meetings. While we encourage education, training and consultation prior to engaging in this work, these forms provide a good starting point.

Fertility Forms

  • convey to clients that you have competency and understand the nuances involved in different family building situations
  • give you confidence that you are doing a thorough interview
  • guide your interview. When reviewed before the client(s) arrives, you know how to direct your interview and focus on red flags
  • help you to remember to ask important questions in the interview
  • will aid you in writing the evaluation or consultation report from information provided in the questionnaire, quoting statements in the clients’ own words