Sample Questions


  • Demographic information
  • Are you taking any medications for a mental health issue?
  • What has been most stressful for you during the treatment for infertility?
  • Why did you choose this family building process versus other family building options?


  • Whom have you told about your plans to create your family through egg donation?
  • Who will be carrying this pregnancy?
  • Who are the genetic contributors of these embryos?
  • Whose sperm will be used to create embryos (one of you or both of you)?
  • Do you plan to transfer embryos from different genetics at the same time (from two different sources)? If yes, please explain.

Donor & Gestational Carrier Evaluations

  • Have you ever experienced any sexual trauma (rape, incest, molestation)?
  • Do you plan to be a “donor” or a dad?
  • Have you or your partner ever been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor or been involved in a lawsuit?